1/350 USN Carrier Deck Numbers
by Gold Medal Models
For years one of the modeling tips we have been told would make our models look better was to trim the excess decal film away from the decal. Most decals are printed on a clear carrier film, that leave a tell-tale border after the decal is applied. Printing processes were just not accurate enough to print without an oversize border. These borders are hard to hide and can make an otherwise outstanding model much less realistic if not trimmed. Gold Medal Models  has just released a decal set that eliminates the border problem as the carrier film is the same size as the printed portion of the decal. This set includes USN standard flight deck numbers for WW II carriers. These numbers use the correct font and match those I have seen in US Navy photo's. These decals are a perfect match for the new Trumpeter Essex Class carriers and will allow you to do any of the Essex class carriers. As a bonus ship names of the class are included to use on the stern.
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There are two sets of decal numbers in this set, enough  to do several different carriers. While this set is finer and more accurate than existing sets, it is also more delicate and will require a little extra care in handling. It is recommended that you practice with some of the unused numbers in the set before you commit to the final decaling. This is set #350-7D and it is $9.00 for the two sheet set, a great value for anyone building any of the 1/350 WW II carriers.

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