1/450 IJN Akagi
Detail Set
Photo etch set by Gold Medal Models
The Hasegawa 1/450 Akagi is a pretty nice kit out of the box. For years modelers have been improving it with parts from various photo etch sets. That task has become a whole lot easier with the release of Gold Medal Models new 1/45o Akagi detail set. It is not just a generic set that you have to modify to fit.
According to Loren Perry: "All the parts have been designed to fit the plastic kit's parts precisely. Although this particular kit has a few minor inaccuracies regarding shapes, placement of support girders and such, we've decided to make the new parts fit the kit as-is to ease construction for most modelers. Experts having access to detailed drawings and wishing to make corrections will still be able to do so using the GMM parts."
Virtually everything the modeler could want is in this set, so there is no need to go digging through your spare parts box.
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The fret is relief etched for a 3D appearance and includes a multitude of parts. There is everything from railings, ladders, and stairs, to radar's, and flight deck bracing and girders.
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There are over 100 relief etched crew figures in different poses including replicas of Admiral Yamamoto and Vice Admiral Nagumo. 
Aircraft details are included to detail the air wing with Zeke, Val, and Kate specific details. The landing gear include relief etched tires that fold back over the gear to give a thicker appearance, a nice touch.

The instructions are well written and illustrated showing the fine points of the assembly process. Extra notes are included for each subassembly and there are notes that explain how some details would be used with the existing kit parts.

Included in the set:click to go to Gold Medal Models website
  • Bow flight deck girders.
  • Stern flight deck supports (solid and lattice style).
  • Boat monorail extensions.
  • Mainmast and brace.
  • Flight deck antennas masts.
  • Direction finder antennas.
  • Island detail items such as yardarms and miscellaneous braces.
  • Conning station window frames.
  • Flight deck searchlight doors.
  • Ladders and Inclined stairs.
  • Water tight doors and hatches.
  • Flight deck windbreaks.
  • Railings (with drooping chain) and safety nets custom designed for this kit.
  • Figures (102)
  • Aircraft details including props and landing gear.

This set really takes advantage of the weaknesses of the Hasegawa kit. If you have that kit you should also have this set. It is #450-8 and is available now for $36.00 plus postage, direct from Gold Medal Models or wherever fine ship model accessories are sold.

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