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HP Models 1/700 USS Tennessee BB-43 (resin kit)
Samec 1/700 HMS Nubian British Destroyer (Resin kit) 
Panda Models 1/350 Arleigh Burke (plastic kit) NEW
Digital Navy 1/250 IJN Fuso (paper model)
Digital Navy 1/250 IJN Takao (paper model)
Preview of JAG's new 1/700 AOE-1 Sacramento (resin kit) NEW
HP Models 1/700 K-21 Submarine (resin kit)


Kombrig 1/700 K-21 Submarine (resin kit)

Photo Etch Reviews
1/350 Minekaze Catapult Type KURE-2-5 (photo etch w/ resin and metal) NEW
1/350 Minekaze Boat chocks for IJN Cruisers (Photo etch set) NEW
Decals Reviews
 JAG 1/350 Modern USN Ship Decals vs  Panda Arleigh Burke Decals 
Book Reviews
Classic Warships Warship Pictorial #18 USS New Mexico NEW
US Amphibious Ship and Craft: An Illustrated Design History
Newer July 2003 Reviews Older