Minekaze 1/350 IJN Boat Chocks and details
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Reviewed by Timothy Dike
Minekaze a new company producing resin kits and accessories has made a bold entry into the ship modeling world. This is one of the sets included in the new IJN Tone kit that is now offered separately.
Have you ever wondered how they balance those ships boats on the deck of a ship? Well one of the often overlooked details on a ship is the boat chocks. These cradles are designed to hold the ships boats and hold them securely on deck. Several different types are included to hold a variety of ships launches and motor boats. 

Boat details are also included with rudders and even tiny boat propellers. Many modelers will really appreciate the boat oars that many have to make from scratch. Pulley blocks are another plus of this set.


This set sells for $20 US and will really enhance your Japanese Navy ship. This set can be used for most any ship Cruiser size and up. Click the logo for ordering details.

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