Warship Pictorial #18
USS New Mexico BB-40

by Steve Wiper of Classic Warships
reviewed by Timothy Dike
The New Mexico was the follow up to the Pennsylvania Class and as build were almost identical. The major difference being the clipper bow giving the ship a little extra length over the proceeding class. There were three ships in this class; the New Mexico, Mississippi, and the Idaho.
As build they had two cage masts typical of the early Battlewagons. The book documents this early period with several high quality black and white images showing her from her fitting out to her cruises of the 20's. In the 30's the New Mexico was modernized and lost the cage masts in favor of a stocky superstructure that was a for bearer of the modern fast battleships of the 40's. The book is filled with many stunning images of the New Mexico during her 1941 refit at the Norfolk Naval Yard showing all kinds of close-ups and detail shots of various parts of the ship. click to
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A large 1/400 color plan and profile fills the center fold. This image is of her January 1942 MS-12 mod camouflage fresh out of her refit. 
Close-up views such as the one on the right illustrate some of the late war refits with great detail. There are a number of weapons drawings, photos, and renderings showing all the major weapons that the New Mexico carried, including the quad 40 mm gun mount, and even some excellent views of the water cooled 50 cal gun mounts.

Other drawings include a 1/800 reduction of the original "Booklet of General Plans" for her 1936 and 1944 appearances with deck levels. A Bureau of Ships MS 32 Camo design sheet showing all sides. Drawings of the OS2U Kingfisher, the 14" 50 cal gun turrets, 20 mm, and 1.1 mm guns help fill out the book.


A great book for anyone interested in the New Mexico. This book is 72 pages  with 94 black & white photos, and a number of drawings and plans. A history and  record of movement for the ship, and general statistics throughout the years in a  8-1/4" x 11" soft book format. With a retail price of $15.95 US this book is an excellent value and a great addition to your Warship reference library.


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