1/700 British Tribal Class Destroyer HMS Nubian

Reviewed by Timothy Dike
The HMS Nubian was a Tribal class destroyer. A new class of big destroyer designed to counter the large destroyers then being produced by the Japanese and Germans. The Tribal class were large, fast and heavliy armed and more than a match for any contemporary destroyers opponents of it's day. The HMS Nubian was active in the Mediteranean when war broke out serving as a convoy escort. She also served in Norway before returning to the Mediteranean to fight the war against Italy. Later she was deployed to the artic and finally to Burma in 1945 when the European war was winding down.
The kit comes well packed in a sturdy box with bubble wrap enclosing the separatly bagged kit componets. I don't usually pay much attention to packing, but this kit is a great example of how to avoid shipping damage.

The Hull is well cast and has quite a bit of surface detailing. The only flash was at the waterline where it will be easy to remove. The hull is straight and without any blemishes. The hull appears to closely match the drawings of this class and the dimensions are very close to the actual ship measurements.

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Superstructure parts cast on a thin resin wafer. The casting is well done overall. I would have preferred that the 4.7" gun shields be saparate from the gun mount but these look pretty good as is.
Ships boats and a float plane are also included. All are well cast and have only some minor flash but it is so thin that it is easily removed I would recommend using a razor saw to remove these parts and fortunately the parts are cast so that there is room for the saw kerf.
A photo etch fret with basic parts is included. The fret is relief etched and the effect is pretty impressive. The platform braces The boat derricks and mast parts are included, as are the ladders and anchor chain. But you will have to supply your own deck railings.
A simple flag is included in the kit with flag and hull markings for the Nubian.
Instructions are pretty basic with one page of specifications, painting guides, and an exploded view showing parts placement. 

Thanks to Pacific Front Hobbies for the review sample. This kit is currently listed for $23.00 US a great value when you consider how much is included. Check out this kit and the other Samec Models in the latest Pacific Front Update.

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