Minekaze 1/350 Catapult Type KURE-2-5
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Reviewed by Timothy Dike
Minekaze a new company producing resin kits and accessories has made a bold entry into the ship modeling world. This is one of the sets included in the new IJN Tone kit that is now offered separately.
This is a multimedia kit of the catapults found on most heavy Japanese Warships. The kit includes photo etch for the main assembly and aircraft trolleys, white metal for the gas cylinders, and a resin turntable base. The brass is relief etched for a more realistic 3D appearance. The catapult assembly includes the pulleys and inner workings that will really make your ship stand out.

There are two types of aircraft trolleys included as well.

The instructions consist of an elevation view showing parts placement which with a little studying reveals where the parts go. I would have liked to have seen a 3D auxiliary view to help illustrate the assembly.

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This set sells for $30 US and will really enhance your Japanese Navy ship. This set is suitable for replacing the catapults in the Tamiya Yamato and Mushashi kits. Click the logo for ordering details.

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