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Regia Marina 1/700 USS Washington BB-56 (resin kit) NEW
Aoshima 1/700 USS North Carolina (plastic kit) 
Combat Subs (Seawolf/Torpedo) 1/350 USS Halibut Buildup (Resin kit)
Loose Cannon 1/700 LCT Mk 5 and LCT Mk 6 (resin kits)
Photo Etch Reviews
Tom's Modelworks 1/400 Graf Spee - Admiral Scheer Photo etch set
Miscellaneous Accessories
Pit-Road 1/700 GB-05 16" 45 Cal Battleship Turret upgrade (resin and brass)
Pit-Road 1/700 Minimum World Series (Metal)
Pit-Road 1/700 Metal Minimum World Series (Metal)
Skywave 1/700 Vehicles on the Beach assessory set (plastic)
L'Arsenal 1/350 Quad 40 mm Bofors kit (resin and PE)
L’Arsenal 1/400 French Breguet Type 1050 Alize Aircraft upgrade set
L’Arsenal 1/400 French Super Etendard Aircraft upgrade set 
Book Reviews
Classic Warships Warship Pictorial #17 IJN Myoko Class Cruisers
Classic Warships Warship Pictorial #21 Kriegsmarine Prinz Eugen
3 new book reviews from Peter Van Buren
  • U.S. Amphibious Ships and Craft: An Illustrated Design History
  • Tarawa / Wasp Class General Purpose Assault Ships
  • Basics of Ship Modeling
Newer November 2002 Reviews Older