Pit-road 1/700 Minimum World Series

DUKW / LVT4 Amphibious Tractors
Reviewed by Timothy Dike
Just another reason why 1/700 scale is so popular. LVT's and Ducks and even a jeep that could fit on the head of your pencil. These are available from Pit-road in it's Minimum World metal series. 

In this set you get cast metal DUKW (ducks) amphibious vehicles with optional canvas tops. The casting is well detailed and the lines are well defined enough that it is easily recognized even in this tiny scale.

The  LVT4 Amphibious tractors includes a separate tailgate that can be positioned up or down. It too is well cast though I didn't know these things were that wide. 

You also get a few Jeeps to load into the back of the LVT or to operate separately. The Jeep is one piece and looks good except for the windshield. You can actually make out the seats and all you need is a little Photo etched driver!

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A simple instruction sheet is included that has an elevation view of the DUKW and LVT4. The text is all Japanese so I have no idea what all the other text if for.

Kit #MW-37 US DUKW and LVT4 (XXXX ea.) is available for about $14.00 US. These will look great as deck cargo or unloading from those amphibious ships such as your LST and LCT's.

Pit-road also make a whole "Minimum World" of other vehicles such as the M-3 Grant and Lee tanks.

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