Pit-road 1/700 Minimum World Series

M-3 Lee / Grant Tanks
Reviewed by Timothy Dike
1/700 has to be the best scale ever! After all where else can you get complete kits that will fit on a penny! Pit-Road has a complete line of 1/700 accessories that includes just about everything you could imagine. Starting out with the Skywave line of kits they produced M-4's and LVT's in plastic. Well if you are modeling an early war scene the M-4 may be a little out of place. The M-3 Lee Medium Tank was far more common in the early years and in places where supplies were not readily available such as Guadalcanal. 
Pit-road has what you need in it's Minimum World metal series. With an M-3 Lee / Grant tank set. The set includes eight M-4 Lee tanks with alternate turrets to build the British "Grant" version with squatter, wider turret.

The kit includes all cast metal parts. The tank body is one piece with a separate body turret. the turret tops are also one piece. The tank body is without the skirt shown on the illustration so if you are doing a British version you will have to fabricate your own if you desire this option.


Kit #MW-36 US M-3 Lee/Grant Tanks (8 ea.) is available for about $14.00 US. If your making a diorama and need something other than the old Sherman Tanks for your beach head or you have those new LCT landing craft from Loose Cannon and need something to fill up that empty space these will fit the bill quite well. Pit-road also makes LVT's  and DUKW's in this scale.

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