Skywave 1/700 SW-06
"The Vehicles on the Beach head"

Reviewed by Timothy Dike
Over 20 years ago I discovered the Skywave line of Waterline ships and accessories. Skywave produced some of the smaller kits that none of the big four of Japanese kit makers at that time wouldn't tackle. Their line of amphibious ships gave us a whole world of diorama possibilities. Kits such as the LST not only provided us with new amphibious options but also included Sherman Tanks, 6x6 Trucks, Dodge  weapons carriers, and LCVP's. This set takes those vehicles and offers them in a separate set, along with some extra's such as LVT's and Barrage Balloons.
The parts on the sprue are molded quite well for a kit over 20 years old. The tanks and LVT consist of several parts that must be assembled and the fit is good. Cleanup will be limited to removing the sprue attachment points.

There are two identical sprues containing the following items:

  • GMC 6x6 cargo trucks (28 ea.)
  • Dodge weapons carriers (8 ea.)
  • M4 Sherman Tanks (12 ea.)
  • LCVP landing craft (8 ea.)
  • LVT amphibious tractors (12 ea.)
  • Barrage Balloons (4 ea.)
A decal sheet with US stars is included with enough decals to do the entire set.

Instructions are printed on the back of the box showing how each vehicle is assembled and their decal locations.


This is set number SW-06 and it is still listed in the Pit-Road catalog of Skywave accessories and sells for around $8.00. A good value even after all these years.

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