Pit-Road 1/700 16" 45 cal
USN Gun Turret replacement set
Reviewed by Timothy Dike
Pit-road has long been known for bringing us high quality kits and accessories. They have recently started producing upgrade kits to make those older waterline kits more accurate. This one will allow you to take an out of the box North Carolina Class or South Dakota Class Battleship and give them a more accurate appearance.
The kit contains three cast resin turrets. The parts are cast in a two part mold that produces a thin resin sheet of flash along the parting line. This film is very easy to remove and only requires a light touch up to finish. The turret details include cast on blast bags, sighting hood, and periscopes. Extra rafts and a 20 mm gun platform are also included.

Machined brass gun barrels are provided to replace the plastic ones in the kit. The barrels are nicely done and are center drilled on the ends so you will have that hollow apparence. 

The instructions show how these parts go together, but the text is all Japanese so you will need to consult photo's or plans as to raft and gun platform placement. The brass barrels are simply inserted into the holes in the blast bag. You will need to open these up slightly with a drill bit and make sure you insert thm to the proper dimension.

My only real complaint is the lack of an english translation for the instructions. You can get these from Pacific Front Hobbies for $23.00

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