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Blue Water Navy 1/350 USS Hornet (resin kit)
Kombrig 1/700 Admiral Ushakov (resin kit)
Kombrig 1/700 Russian Armored Cruiser Ryurik 1895 (resin kit)
Combat Subs 1/350 IJN 1-15 Submarine (resin kit)
Matchbox 1/700 HMS Kelly British Destroyer (Plastic kit)
Photo Etch Reviews
Gold Medal Models 1/350 Gold PLUS Yamato/Musashi Detail Set #350-5A
Miscellaneous Accessories
Pit-Road 1/700 Carrier based Aircraft set #S-12
1/1250 Aircraft Decals by Navalis
L’Arsenal 1/400 Loire-Nieuport 40/401 Aircraft upgrade set

L’Arsenal 1/400 Vought 156 F Aircraft upgrade set

L’Arsenal 1/350-1/400 Waterline Stripe Decal set
Book Reviews
The Terrible Hours by Peter Maas
Newer December 2002 Reviews Older