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Reviewed by Timothy Dike
The type I-15 Class Submarines were built at Kure Dockyard from  1938 to 1943. They were large subs displacing 2589 metric tons and a overall length of 350' 8" and a beam: 30' 6". These subs could make over 23 knots and had a radius: 14000 miles at 16 knots. They were armed with one 5.5 inch 50 cal main gun, two 25 mm Anti Aircraft guns and six 21 in Torpedo Tubes. 17 of the deadly long lance torpedoes could be carried. The most unique feature was the float plane carried on the forward part of the sub, for recognizance purposes.
Combat Subs the 1/350 resin submarine branch of Pit-Road produces a line of high quality submaring kits, and this one is not exception. The hull is very well cast and there were no signs of airbubbles or casting defects.  The detail on this sub is very sharp and while there is not a lot of separate parts on this sub
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The superstructure is cast in one piece no flash and only a couple of casting gates on the bottom to be sanded away. The float plan is nicely done with separate floats. You will have a thin film of resin to remove on these parts. The other parts are cast in white metal and are well done. The main gun and twin 25 mm guns look pretty good. There will be little clean up to do on these parts.
Decals are provided with flags and deck markings as well as markings for the aircraft. Brass rod is included for the propeller shafts. A resin cradle is included to display your completed sub. click here
The instructions show plan and elevation markings and exploded views of the components. They should be more than enough to build this kit.


This is nice kit and an easy build. It is well detailed and should make a good weekend build. It lists for around $54.00.