1/350 Gold PLUS
Yamato/Musashi Detail Set #350-5A
Photo etch set by Gold Medal models
Tamiya's 1/350 scale Yamato and Musashi are nice kits right out of the box, made even better with the Gold Medal Yamato/Musashi set (click for review). But can be taken to the next level with this add on set. This set is not a stand alone set, but is rather designed to complement the already extensive set mentioned above. It includes those extra items superdetailers will really enjoy.
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The fret is relief etched for a real 3D appearance, as evidenced by the searchlight bases. Bridge window frames are included to make your model really stand out.
The 29 assorted see through vents really stand out with the fine mesh contrasting with the framework. One really nice touch is the aircraft trolley tracks and turntables. The turntables are relief etched with a diamond plate pattern, and the rails are designed to be mounted vertically giving them a scale appearance. A deck drilling template is included to facilitate mounting.
The instructions are well written and illustrated showing the fine points of the assembly process.
Note from Loren Perry: Some recent well-meaning criticism on a model ship website has expressed doubts about the GMM Yamato crane's accuracy. A careful review of the GMM parts against the Anatomy of the Ship book by Janusz Skulski as well as several Japanese language books and plans confirm the fact that GMM's stern crane is indeed accurate and correctly detailed with 3-D reinforcing plates, etc., and no changes are required. However, the Musashi's crane kingpost (mast) displayed some minor differences in the girder bracing and this feature has been addressed in this new PE detail set.
Included in the set:click to go to Gold Medal Models website
  • 29 assorted see through ventilator grilles for the superstructure
  • 34 support structures for overhanging decks
  • 3-D relief etched aircraft trolley track rails and turntables with drilling jig
  • 32 25 mm gun bases
  • 30 assorted watertight doors
  • 28 assorted deck hatches
  • 2 see through grilles for the sides of the aft main deck
  • 2 correctly shaped hawse pipes with covers
  • 3 strips of bridge window frames
  • 6 life buoys with two release racks
  • 4 correctly detailed searchlight bases
  • 15 detailed inclined ladders in four sizes
  • 10 leadsman's and sounding platforms in two styles
  • 2 foghorn platforms
  • 32 25 mm ammunition box covers
  • 24 boat oars
  • 6 small antennas
  • 2 Type 21 "GO" radar braces
  • a Musashi specific crane kingpost (mast.) 

If you are going to build a 1/350 Yamato or Musashi, this set is a must have. It takes you beyond the typical detailing, and is a nice  complement for the Gold Medal Models Yamato/Musashi set.

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