1/350 Yamato Class BB
Photo etch set by Gold Medal models
Tamiya's 1/350 scale Yamato and Musashi are huge kits, they are nicely detailed but their large scales make them ripe for super detailing with Photo etch details. A monster Battleship should have a monster PE set, Gold Medal Models has one such set. 
The instructions are pretty nice with plenty of 3D views to show you which parts are replaced by the PE ones, and where all the details go. A nice touch is the views showing the armament for this ship, with and explanation of the correct 25 mm placement for both ships.
Included in the set:
  • Several different styles of railings including several custom formed ones for the various parts
  • detailed aircraft catapults and trolleys
  • aircraft crane with hooks and rigging
  • main director platforms with railing
  • Type 13 GO radar
  • Type 21 Go radar and supports
  • Radio Direction finders
  • aircraft propellers
  • yardarms and wind direction indicators
  • funnel cap grills
  • funnel platforms and railing
  • main and secondary turret railing and ladders
  • blast bag retainers for secondary 15.5 cm guns
  • boat pulleys
  • watertight doors
If you are going to build a 1/350 Yamato or Musashi, then you will need a good Photo etch set, Gold Medal has just what you need.
Also check out the new Gold PLUS Yamato/Musashi Detail Set #350-5A add-on set that complements what this one has.

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