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Pit-Road's 1/700 Gleaves Class Destroyers  (Plastic kits) NEW
  • USS Livermore DD-429  prewar version
  • USS Monssen DD-436  early war version
JAG's 1/700 Virginia Class Guided Missile Cruiser (Resin kit) NEW
Trumpeter 1/700 Modernized USS Iowa and USS New Jersey (Plastic kits) NEW
1/700 Waveline USS Reeves CG-24 (Resin)
Sealine 1/700 CG-38 USS Virginia CGN-38 (OOP Resin)
1/131 Patrol Gunboat U.S.S. DEFIANCE by Revell (Plastic kit)
1/700 Skywave LST Mk2 WW2 Tank Landing Ship (Plastic kit)
Photo Etch Reviews
Preview of Gold Medal Models 1/350 Photo Etch Elevators for Tamiya Enterprise NEW
1/400 Scharnhorst and Gneisenau  Photo etch set by Tom's ModelWorks NEW
Miscellaneous Accessories
Pit-Road's NEW 1/700 Skywave E6 Weapons set NEW
Two NEW 1/700 kits from Loose Cannon
  • #26 Mare Island Cranes
  • #27 Hammerhead Crane
1/700 Aircraft sets from Fujimi and Hasegawa
Tools and Modeling Supplies
A new line of CA Super Glues from Loyal Hanna Dockyard
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