New Line of CA glue

at LoyalHanna Dockyard
Loyal Hanna Dockyard carries an extensive line of ship modeling kits and supplies. They now have another product to benefit us modelers. They have contracted with an industrial supplier whose prime accounts are OEM’s in the automotive and aerospace industries  to provide these adhesives and are marketing them under the Loyal Hanna Dockyard name.
All formulations are marine grade and available in a large variety of sizes (ranging from .5 Oz. to 16 Oz.) so you never have to purchase more than you need.  In addition to the thick, thin and medium viscosity's you may be used to in other lines there are many specialty formulations.  The first is the rubber toughened which is a special blend that combines the strength of CA with the flexibility of rubber.  This allows for a strong, flexible, shock absorbing bond and a fast curing speed.  Besides the traditional black offered by other brands there is also a unique clear version.  Another specialty formulation is the Odorless CA.  This is a completely foam safe product that has a special non frosting formula with no fumes to irritate the eyes or nose.  This is ideal for gluing clear windowpanes in cabins as the are no fumes to leave that irritating white fog we are used to from other brands.  This formulation is available in both thin and thick viscosity's.  A third specialty variation is the plastic formulation.  It has a medium viscosity and has been developed precisely for all bondable plastics.  This CA is superior for all industrial types of plastics and other materials such as rubber, Nylon, polycarbonate and ABS.  In addition to the wide range of compatibility, it also possesses a rapid curing speed.  The final specialty CA is the new metal CA.  This has been developed for bonding all types of metals including those that are lead based. Click images
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I have already put the Rubber toughened to use to bond the rubber soles back to my shoes. Not exactly ship modeling but  it is holding up rather well and if it can stand up to my weight, then it should be able hold up to any ship modeling uses. The glue comes in plastic bottles with a long thin tip for easy application. The caps fit tightly and I just reopened the bottle I used a few days ago and it was not clogged, a big plus.
Today's kits come in a variety of materials from plastic and resin, to wood and metal. It's nice to have a variety of adhesives to work in all those applications.

For additional info check with the folks at Loyalhanna Dockyard. I  would recommend that you get one of their catalogs as this is but a small sample of what they carry.