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 HP 1/700 French Light Cruiser Marseillaise (resin)
Waveline 1/700 HMS Queen Elizebeth 1915 British Battleship (OOP resin kit)
Italeri 1/720 USS John C. Stennis CVN-74 Nimitz class Aircraft carrier (plastic kit)
JAG 1/700 USS Anchorage LSD-36 Landing Ship Dock (resin kit)
JAG 1/700 USS Long Beach CG-9 (resin kit)
Photo Etch Reviews
Gold Medal Models 1/720 USN Supercarriers photo etch set
Miscellaneous Accessories
Pit-road's 1/700 IJN Musashi Late war Battleship upgrade kit. (resin and metal)
JAG Collective's NEW 1/700 Modern Vehicles LVT's and M923's
White Ensign Models 1/700 scale Trucks from the Dockyard Matey's line
Clipper 1/700 IJN 8" turned brass replacement barrels
Book and Multimedia Reviews
David Gatt's Warship Images on CD Volume 1
WR Press Essex Class Carriers of World War Two by Glen Arnold
Newer September 2002 Reviews Older