White Ensign Models
1/700 Dockyard Mateys

US Style Trucks
Do your dockyard diorama's need a little charecter? Here are some utility vehicles to deliever the supplies. These are more of the Dockyard Matey's line of vehicles that include everything from jeeps and trucks to railroad engines and rolling stock. Most diorama's that I've seen include the tried and true Skywave 6x6 trucks. These are fine but if you want your diorama to really stand out try adding some unique trucks. My favorite is the Studebaker Semi with it's seperate trailor. The trailer even includes the hitch pin so you can pose it however you see fit.
#DM 7026 1935 STUDEBAKER W841 SEMI-TRAILER (3 included)
Nicely detailed with enough detail to be easily recognised even in this tiny scale.
#DM 7027 1941 FORD CABOVER COCA-COLA delivery truck (4 included)
This truck can be used to reprent most any delivery truck. It reminds me of a milk truck, but could be modified for other uses.
#DM 7029 DODGE 3/4 TON GS (4 included)
The canvas topped truck looks pretty good, but opening up the window would really make it stand out.
#DM 7028 WILLYS JEEP (4 included)
This one is a little on the plain side with barely enough detailing to be able to recognise what it is. Creative painting will help, as will cutting out the windshield area and replacing with a small peice of photo etch ladder stock to simulate the windshield.
Each set sells for $4.66 (US).
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