White Ensign Models
1/700 Dockyard Mateys

English style Railroad equipment
Ok those of you that know me know that I'm also a Model Railroader, so what do you expect me to do when someone comes out with Railroad accessories? Well I acquired some of course! Up until now I had been populating my dockyard scenes with Skywave trucks and jeeps, but something has been missing. Look at dockside photo's of ships in port and you are likely to see Railroad cars along the docks. Virtually every port of any size is served by a railroad. Equipment too heavy for trucks can be sent directly to the dockside. White Ensign Models has done it again with these great accessories.
You are given a choice of Locomotives to "shunt" those cars back and forth. There is an 0-6-0 Saddle tank and an 0-4-0 saddle tank engine. Both typical of the equipment found on the English mainland and their colonies overseas. American style engines are available as well, but since I'm doing an Australian port scene these fit the bill perfectly. 
There is a wide range of railroad cars, that are well detailed considering their relatively small size. The gondola and tank cars have fine detail cast in them that will really make them stand out on those docks.
Some specialty equipment is available such as a lowered flatcar with a canvas covered load. This is perfect for delivering those large parts and this car is perfect for loading those new tanks destined for the front lines.
There are plenty of trucks, tanks and jeeps available as well as evidenced by this delivery truck. For more WEM trucks see the Trucks review page.
To see the complete line check out White Ensign Models Dockyard Matey's page on their website.

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