Waveline /700 HMS Queen Elizabeth

1915 British Battleship
This is an early Waveline resin kit that seems to have disappeared from the current Pit-Road catalog. I guess it is now Out Of Production, which is too bad because it is a pretty nice kit. I'm including a review of it just in case you spot one gathering dust on your local hobby shop shelf or making the rounds on E-bay. 
The hull is nicely cast and has a multitude of deck details. In fact it looks rather busy with all the objects that are cast on. The hull has a casting gate on the starboard side that will have to be sanded off. Many will prefer this to sanding the bottom. click to
The superstructure parts are well cast in the two part molding style. They resemble parts on a regular injection molded plastic kit being attached to a resin sprue. This allows all sides of the part to be cast, but requires removal of the attachment point from the tree.
There are a number of white metal cast parts including boats and gun barrels. The casting is not as sharp as later kits by this manufacturer but still very usable.
Also included is a piece of flat styrene to fabricate some parts listed in the instructions. Several lengths of brass rod are included to make the masts.
The instructions are well done for a kit of this age and include four pages of 
Here's a view of the box art for those that who wish to see it.

A nice kit in it's day, but don't bid too much on one on E-bay as White Ensign has a 1918 version coming out soon.

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