JAG Collective LVT's and M923 Trucks
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By Peter Van Buren
To help fill out their series of USN amphibious ships, JAG is now selling cast metal 1/700 scale LVT's and M923 trucks.  You get 12 LVT's and 12 M923 trucks for US$8.00, available only directly from JAG.

The casting quality is very good, perhaps sharper than the same vehicles cast in resin that JAG includes with some kits.  Each vehicle has only a little sprig of casting flash to be cut away with a sharp knife.

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While the photos show the vehicles as they arrive in the mail, I have since painted mine.  Tamiya acrylic sprayed well and seem to have stuck well without any priming.  As a test I also used some Gunze "Mr. Metal Primer" first, and again the acrylic paint went on easily.
If you have ever seen or collected GHQ 1/285 vehicles in soft metal, you will be equally impressed with these-- detailed and sharp at what, about a third of the size of GHQ?  More importantly, these vehicles will allow you to fit out your amphibious ships at a reasonable price, without having to raid Skywave sets or make do with the smudgy blob LVT's from Dragon aka Shanghai-Dragon.


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