Pitroad 1/700 Musashi Conversion kit

Reviewed by Timothy Dike
Pit-road has long been known for bringing us high quality kits and accessories. They have recently started producing upgrade kits to make those older waterline kits more accurate. This one will allow you to take an out of the box Musashi kit and turn it into an accurate 1944 Musashi.
This set includes a the parts you need to give the Mushashi it's upgraded anti aircraft fit. There are new resin superstructure parts to fit where the starboard and port 8" turrets were mounted. Light anti aircraft guns are provided in white metal with resin sand bag emplacements.  A number of new gun platforms are also provided, and new main mast parts are cast in metal.
Machined brass gun barrels are provided to replace the plastic ones in the kit. The barrels are nicely done and are center drilled on the ends so you will have that hollow apparence.
The instructions show how these parts work with the existing kit parts. There are plenty of drawings but the text is written in Japanese so I was a little confused about where some parts went.

Combine this set with a good photo etch set and you have everything you need to make an accurate model of a late war Musashi. My only real complaint is the lack of an english translation for the instructions.

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