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David Gatt's Ship Pics on CD-ROM
You have seen some of David Gatt's work in the Gallery, and probably visited his website. Now he has made those images and more available on CD. Set up much like his website there are several individual gallery pages with a number of clear high resolution photo's suitable for viewing or printing. Note the images I have included here are formatted for faster web viewing. Loading the images off the CD-ROM allows for viewing large files without falling asleep waiting on the images to download online. 
USS Antietim A Ticonderoga class Cruiser visited in Melbourne in 1998. 20 separate images from all over the ship are in this gallery. 
USS Benfold 18 images of this Arliegh Burke Class destroyer visited in Melbourne in April 2001

Burkes on Deck 75 on deck pics of the USS Benfold and USS Russell. These pictures show all parts of the ship and are invaluable to the detail freak.
HMNZS Canterbury A Leander Class frigate photographed in May 2002. These pictures were taken by Kevin Dunn. There are about 150 images in this gallery.
USS Carl Vinson  David walked all over this ship to get about 36 pics taken in 1996 while the carrier was in Hobart Australia.
USS Chosin Another Ticonderoga Class Cruiser, there are over 70 images in the USS Chosin gallery dated April 2001.
USS Fletcher Over 80 images of this Sprance class Destroyer USS Fletcher taken in 1999.
HMAS Perth Ship tour of the Australian Charles F Adams class destroyer HMAS Perth 2000 with 50 close-up images.
HMAS Kinambla Australian troop transport & support vessel HMAS Kinambla 2001.
HMAS Newcastle Australian Perry Class frigate HMAS Newcastle September 2000
HMAS Norman Australian Minesweeper HMAS Norman  in September 2000. There are over 80 images of this Italian designed ship.
HMAS Warrumunga Over 90 images of the Australian Anzac Class frigate Warrumunga taken in April 2001.
Gallery One
David's models of the Emden, Ward, Gearing, Fletcher (WWII), Atlanta, Ticonderoga (Modern), New Jersey, and Iowa 1943.
Gallery two
Models of the Prince of Wales, Bismarck, Konig, Vampire and Melbourne. All models by David Gatt in 1/350 scale.
Gallery three
Models of the Enterprise, Fletcher (Spruance class), John S McCain
Gallery four
Dedicated to the Yamato in 1/200 scale.
Pier side Video
Video taken of USS John Paul Jones. This amazing video was taken by a modeler who knows what other modelers want to see. Dave pans all over the ship paying special attention to the little details such as radar aerials and all those deck fittings that you've always wondered about. You might have to download Apple Quicklime unless you already have a movie viewer on your computer. This movie runs for over 7 minutes and it alone is worth the price of the CD.
How did I do that?
A PDF Info page on how David did the decks and some other details on his ship models. I wish this was had more info in this section as looking through the four modeling galleries I can think of many more questions.

For those wishing to get a copy of this CD it is $20.00 U.S. Payment can be made via VISA or Mastercard by emailing details to  David Gatt at or Kevin at Fleetline. His email address is