1/400 Graf Spee and Scheer
Photo etch set by Tom's ModelWorks
The latest 1/400 release from Tom's Modelworks is designed to fit the Heller Scharnhorst and Gneisenau kits. The Heller kits are pretty good right out of the box but have lacked a purpose built photo etch set. This set really addresses those kits weaknesses. The parts are all finely etched in brass with some parts relief etched for a 3D appearance.

Note: image scanned in B&W to allow higher resolution without increasing file size.
The set includes the following parts:
  • Deck Rails and vertical ladders
  • Turret face windows
  • Aircraft details
  • Bridge level mast rigging
  • Capstan wheels
  • Step over for deck wash rails
  • Boat racks
  • FuMB 4 Radar (Scheer)
  • FuMO 22  Radar (for Graf Spee)
  • FuMO 22  Radar (for Scheer prior to 40 refit)
  • FuMO 27 Radar (Scheer after 1941 refit) 
  • FuMB 7
  • FuMB 6 Radar
  • Radar face dipoles for FuMO Radar's
  • Mast spreader and rigging
  • Crane framework
  • Rafts
  • Catapults and platforms
  • Small boat booms and base
  • Bridge wings and support bracing
  • Foremast platform
  • Stairs and platforms
  • Bow platforms
  • Main deck wash rails
  • Deck netting

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The instructions are well done with four pages that show the many parts of the fret. Extra detail views included to help illustrate the placement of each item..

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Set # 4016 retails for $19.00. If you plan on building the Heller kits you need this set. It has almost everything you will need to do it right. Click the logo on the right to check out this and other sets from Tom's Modelworks.

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