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Pit-road Skywave 1/700 WW2 Tsurumi Sheretoko class tanker (plastic kit) NEW
Pit-road Skywave 1/700 JMSDF DDH-182 Mirai (plastic kit)
HP Models 1/700 USS Pensacola 1941 (resin kit)
HP Models 1/700 M-1  WW 1 British monitor (resin kit)
Naval Works 1/700 Flower Class Corvette (OOP resin kit)
GHQ Micronauts 1/2400 USS Wasp CV-7 (metal kit)
Photo Etch Reviews
Gold Medal Models Modern Russian Photo EtchSet
Navalis's 1/1250 US Navy radars of WW2 NEW
Navalis's 1/1250 Generic Large and Small Ratlines
Gold Medal Models 1/700 Modernised USS Iowa class BB Photo etch set NEW
Book Reviews
Plastic Ship Modeler #27 is here.
Loyalhanna has released their latest catalog, with even more for the large scale modeler.
Newer July 2002 Reviews Older