1/1250 WW2 USN Radar's
Photo etch set by Navalis
Reviewed by Timothy Dike
Radar, the miracle invention that gave the US a much needed edge during the second world war. It was used for tracking and targeting surface ships and aircraft. At the beginning of the second world war only a few ships had it, but by the end of the war it was standard equipment on virtually every fighting ship in fleet. This latest release from Navalis a newcomer to the photo etch market, gives the neglected 1/1200-1/1250 modelers some much needed super detailing possibilities. Even though this is 1/1250 scale, this set is as fine as some larger 1/700 sets on the market. Every major type of radar is represented here so you can equip a large fleet with everything from SA radar to the latest SK-2 dish. Some of the radar's are simple and others like the SK-2 are as complex as their 1/700 counterparts.
Included on this fret are five of each type:
  • CXAM-1
  • CXAM
  • SA
  • SK
  • SK-2
  • SR
  • SC
  • SC-2
  • MK 3
  • MK 37
  • Generic radar grids for custom work (these can be used to make more of the MK 37 fire control radar's by trimming them to size.)
The instructions are very well done using CAD technology to clearly show each type of radar and it's assembly.
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Though many will think you are insane for trying to detail ships in this scale, at least now you have that option. This one set is a must for the US Navy modeler and with so many radar's included it is a real bargain at  $9.00 retail. A must have for the parts bin! 

According to Sami Arim of Navalis a Royal Navy set will be released soon. Click the logo on the right to visit the Navalis website.

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