Pitroad/Skywave 1/700 IJN Tsurumi

Reviewed by Timothy Dike

The Shiretoko Class Fleet Oilers is one of the latest releases by Pit-road. This one, the Tsurmuni / Iro represent the basic tanker design. Other variations of this kit include a seaplane tender. As with other Pit-road kits this one is nicely molded and it shows in the details.
The hull is molded in two halves, with a separate deck. The deck has nice planking detail as well as other items such as the anchor chain and deck hatches. 
The superstructure parts are very fine, and I am very impressed with the detailing. It is difficult to mold parts this small and have them come out so nice. The boat davits are very fine as are the masts and other details so be careful cutting them from the sprue. Missing from this kit is the catwalks that were included on some ships. Dan Jones in his review of these kits in Plastic Ship Modeler #27 shows sister kit #W-61 has those extra parts, so you might consider getting that one instead of this one.
Decals are provided for the ship markings on a single sheets. The makings are fairly crisp and clear but the flag has a little too much color bleed. It will look much better when you trim the red off the outer edges of the flag.
The instructions are well illustrated with several pages, there is very little text, but the exploded views pretty much show where everything goes. A little more english would be appreciated for that would like to understand the use of alternate parts.
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The back of the box includes a painting guide for the ship and the aircraft typical of Pitroad kits. 

If you are a fan of the Imperial Japanese Navy or just appreciate well designed kits, you need this kit. The quality is evident from the instant you open the box. Pitroad is to be commended for the engineering that went into this kit as well as bringing us a kit of such an obscure subject. 

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