Plastic Ship Modeler quarterly #27
Plastic Ship Modeler Cover (click to enlarge)

The latest issue of PSM is out! Here is a preview of what's in this issue.

On the cover is the USS Shrevport the subject of the latest release by JAG (see review below). Also on the cover is the USS Oklahoma during her 1974 Med. cruise.

There are nine pages of kit and product reviews with some of the hottest new kits on the market in Plastic, Resin, Photo etch, and Decals and Paints all examined.

One to One Hundred - by Paul Jacobs looks at the Jordan line of 1./1200 ships

The Transitional Cruiser Boston to Topeka by Ray Bean takes a modelers look at the early "traditional" cruisers that became missile. Historical background, photo's and a couple of line drawings by Alan Raven are included.

Revell 1/700 Scale Graf Zepplin by  Paul O'Reilly shows how to turn this kit into an accurate rendition of what German's only carrier could have looked like. Plenty of nice photo's show off the detailing that Paul has done on his kit.

The Graff Zepplin is the center-fold  in this issue with nice plan and port and starboard elevation drawings by Dan Jones

Sample photo from article  (click to enlarge)
Chris Drage sample article  (click to enlarge)
Model Ship Reviews by Chris Drage - is a look at the Skytrex Meridian 20th Century 1/700 scale ships of the Arethusa and Colony Class. Chris shows them in unassembled and finished out of the box conditions.

Potemkin a Ship - more than a mutiny  by Falk Pletscher Give us the facinating history of this ill fated Russian ship from the turn of the century. Photo's of the real ship and of his buildup of the kit are included.

Photo Feature US Navy Support Ships of WW2 Many of the often overlooked support ships of the USN are featured in this two page feature.

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HMS Hood 05:50 am 24th May 1941 by Chris Drage.  Dramatic photo's of Chris's buildup with featuring the Hood in a "high seas" setting. Notes on the kit (1/400 Heller) and the construction are included.

Grace Lines Ships Santa Elena & Coya History, photo's and drawings of these early merchant ships.

The Old Navy Atlanta & Boston - An interesting look at these Steel Hulled cruisers inlcuding plan and elevation views of the Atlanta.

Regular column such as NAVINFOTEL, Mail Call, and more book reviews will give you plenty to read. Plastic Ship Modeler Quarterly has a single copy price of $7.75 or a yearly subscription rate of $25.00 US. It is great resource for ship modelers and an entertaining read. Pick up a copy at your local Hobby Shop or visit the Plastic Ship Modeler Web page for subscription details.