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and reviews
28 Transitional Cruisers Boston to Topeka Part II,  Delphis 1/700 Carrier Aquila,  Skytrex 1/700 Meridian Series HMS Belfast (1943) HMS Edinburgh (1940), One in One Hundred painting for effect, photo Feature - Russian Frigate Neutrashimyy, IPMS Nationals - Photo Essay, Model Details Standard Life saving equipment US Merchant and Navy Support Ships 1942, Netherlands Royal Mail Christiann Hugyens, The Old Navy - USS Chicago.
27 The Transitional Cruiser Boston to Topeka by Ray Bean, Revell 1/700 Scale Graf Zepplin by  Paul O'Reilly, The Graff Zepplin plan and port and starboard elevation drawings by Dan Jones, Model Ship Reviews by Chris Drage, Potemkin a Ship - more than a mutiny  by Falk Pletscher , HMS Hood 05:50 am 24th May 1941 by Chris Drage, Grace Lines Ships Santa Elena & Coya, The Old Navy Atlanta & Boston.
Keepers of the Sea series "On China Station",  HMS Kittiwake Part II, Building Tamiya's 1/350 Scale Fletcher (Pt II), Flottentorpedoboote of the Kriegsmarine,  Merchant ship - Pacific Mail  motorship City Of Panama,  Photo Feature by Ray Bean. The Cold War Navy,  The Old Navy (pt II),  Chinese Junks - a brief overview (with drawings), Alexandria - June 1941 Hard Times in the Mediterranean.
Building Tamiya's 1/350 USS FLETCHER, Merchant Ship HOEGH GRANADA, Seals Models MIKASA, HMS AJAX, HMAS SYDNEY, Royal Australian Navy Colors in WW II, KING GEORGE V 4th of May 1942, French Warship Paints of World War Two, Photo Feature - KAMIKAWA MARU Class, 
JAG's LONG BEACH in 1/700 - build article by Ray Bean. Convoy PQ-18 diorama by Chris Drage. U.S. Shipping Board 502' Liners (1/700 plans) by Dan Jones. Skytrex Range of 1/700 Ships - photos by Chris Drage. The Destroyer AUDACE by Falk Pletscher. Photo Feature - WW I German Warships. Swedish Camouflage 1939-1945 by Mike Cooper. Bibliophile - Books about Tug Boats by Dan Jones.
German WW I KONIG Class Battleship - building the 1/350 IMC kit by Falk Pletscher. Motorships Between the Wars (two 1/700 plans) by Dan Jones. Corsair Armada's 1/700 resin kit - GARCIA Class DE by Ray Bean. Building the Academy/Minicraft RMS TITANIC by Loren Perry. HMS Pepperpot in Norway (WEM's HMS PENELOPE) - diorama by Chris Drage. Photo Feature - ALBANY and CHICAGO by Ray Bean & Carlo Martinelli. 
Building Jim Shirley's USS NEWPORT NEWS by Ray Bean Japanese Supertankers (1/700 plans of two ships) by Dan Jones. Out For A Paddle - HMS ARISTOCRAT (scratchbuilt paddle wheel AA ship - WW II) by Mike Cooper. Corsair Armada ARD and Jim Shirley FRAM SUMNER by Ray Bean. The Old Ladies - RODNEY & WARSPITE - diorama by Chris Drage. Iron Shipwright's USS LST 454 by Dave Judy. Models at Orlando - part II - photos by Ray Bean. 22
Flower Class Corvettes - WEM 1/700 kits built by Chris Drage. Building the Jim Shirley USS CHICAGO by Ray Bean Photo Feature - Russian KRIVAK class frigate DRUZHNY by Falk Pletscher. Building the HP Models SCHLESWIG HOLSTEIN by Falk Pletscher.
Building the Falgship Models Phalanx CIWS by Dave Judy IJN Escort ships in WW II (with 1/700 plans) by Dan Jones. Models at Orlando (IMPS Nationals) photos by Ray Bean. ShipBytes - new column on internet research by Joe D'Amato. Fisherman at War (1/700 plans of three WW II era trawlers) by Dan Jones.
Twenty-Seven Charlie - USS ORISKANY  paart III by Ray Bean, Photo Feature: IJN seaplane tender CHIYODA. IJN Seaplane Tenders - 1/700 plans - CHIYODA/CHITOSE, MIZUHO, and NISSHIN. Iron Shipwright's USS DETROIT - build article by Dave Judy.
Russian Armored Cruiser ASKOLD (a history of the ship with photos of the WSW 1/700 model) by Falk Pletscher. Scratchbuilt 1/700 MAC ship MV EMPIRE MacALPINE by Mike Cooper. The Elegant Liner - The S SCOT (1/700 plans) by Dan Jones Convoy to Russia - diorama by Chris Drage. Bibliophile - books about ship modeling by Dan Jones.
Building Classic Warships 1/350 GRIDLEY and Atlantic Models HMS PEACOCK, Twenty-Seven Charlie - ORISKANY Pt. 2, More dioramas by Chris Drage, USCGC TAMPA (with 1/700 plans of TAMPA 1926 & MODOC 1943), the Atlantic liners CALIFORNIAN and CARPATHIA with1/700 plans (famous for their involvement with the sinking of TITANIC), Photo Feature - Royal Navy cruisers BELFAST & NIGERIA
Classic Warship's 1/350 USS WASHINGTON build,   1/700 dioramas by Chris Drage, HMS KITTIWAKE history with plans drawn by John Lambert, Twenty-Seven Charlie - USS ORISKANY (building the 1/700 Jim Shirley kit and history of differences within the modernized post-war ESSEX class carriers) by Ray Bean, Trunk Steamers & Turret Ships (early British tramp
steamers with two 1/700 plans), Russian turret ship PETR VELIKIJ,  new photos of R.N. ILLUSTRIOUS class carriers in Australia.
RCN CV BONAVENTURE part 2 (conclusion), USS PORTER (1942) photos of the class and large center spread plan of PORTER by Alan Raven, GAMBIER BAY - Bluejacket kit review, 1/700 dioramas by Chris Drage, German cruiser EMDEN color information, 
American Tramp Steamers (WW I period) with three 1/700 plans.
Keepers of the Sea II, Pt.3 - HMCS Bonaventure; Mauretania-Atlantic Greyhound (article and 1/700 drawings); Development of Naval Camouflage 1914-45, Pt.6 Conclusion by Alan Raven (includes paint scheme drawings for 12 RN WWII destroyers and cruisers); Forrest Sherman Class Destroyers Photo Feature
Keepers of the Sea II, Pt.2, Development of Naval Camouflage 1914-45, Pt.5 by Alan Raven, Camouflage Color formulas, The Destroyer Charles Ausburne, Building a Skywave Sumner, War Emergency Tanker Fleet, USS Quincy Photo Feature, Merchant Ship Details
Keepers of the Sea II, Pt.1, Development of Naval Camouflage 1914-45, Pt.4 by Alan Raven, Blue Funnel Line Steamers, Austro-Hungarian Battleship Colors, Finishing 1/700 Carrier Decks, White Ensign's HMS Penelope, Building the USS Sterret DD407, Russian DD Sovremenny Photo Feature
White Ensign's HMS Cossack, 1/2400 Scale shipmodels, Fletcher Class Funnel Markings by Alan Raven, Development of Naval Camouflage 1914-45, Pt.3 by Alan Raven, USS Intrepid Phot Feature, Carier Decks in 1/700
Development of Naval Camouflage 1914-45, Pt.2 by Alan Raven, BWN's USS California, HMS Lofton, Notes on Chinese Warships, OSK Line Merchant Ships, Tamiya's 1/700 USS Fletcher
Development of Naval Camouflage 1914-45, Pt.1 by Alan Raven, Battleship Bismarck, French Warships Photo Feature, Early Bulk Carriers (American Colliers), Paint Schemes for the CL Nurenberg
Gneisenau build article, Empress of Australia (1919 liner) build article w/plans, USN photo feature, Fujimi 1/700 Missouri and Albatross 1/700 Gearing - Stormy Seas diorama build
Hasegawa's Momi & Wakatake Class DD's, Building a 1/350 USS Indiana (Tamiya Missouri Conversion), Illustrious Camouflage, Hasegawa's Hikawamaru-Heian Maru conversion, Len Jordan's 1/1200 scale tanker kits, Doxford Standard Design
Doc Modells Training Vessel Bremse (HMAS Sydney) Tamiya's Mogami Class Cruiser Kumano and Suzuya, Kriegsmarine Camo, Pt.3, Building BWN's 1/350 USS Louisville
Farragut Class DD's, SS Athenia build, Twenty-Seven Charlie, Pt.2, Kriegsmarine Camo 1939-45, Pt.2, Italian Camo and Painting Systems
Building a Twenty-Seven Charlie (Essex-Intrepid Conver.) Pt.1, Arundel Castle (4 funnel liner), The Hosho and her aircraft, Kriegsmarine Camo 1939-45, Pt.1, HMS Prince of Wales Camo (12/41)
PT Boat Camo, Building an ASBD Floating Drydock in 1/350, Understanding Color, HMAS Nestor build, Tauro 1/400 Fiume build, Tugs-Servants of the Sea, USN Deck Markings
Kriegsmarine DD's, Pt.4 (Z31 +), Ise/Hyuga BB/CV, The Hog Islanders, Canada's Stalwart Steamers (detail drawings), Camouflage Paint Mixes - USN, WWII RN, IJN, Italian, and Kreigsmarine colors
Minekaze, Kamikaze, and Mutsuki Class DD's, Scharnhorst & Gneisenau, Weathering without an airbrush, Kriegsmarine DD's, Pt.3 (Z23-Z30) The Narvik Type, Enhancing 1/350 -1/700 carrier aircraft
Canada's Stalwart Steamers (St. Laurent Class DDH, Restigouche, Annapolis, and Fraser), Kriegsmarine DD's, Pt.2, Modelers Detail Guide (USS Eisenhower CVN69) Detailing Tamiya's Yubari, CVN 76 island details
Kriegsmarine DD's, Pt.1 (Z1-Z16), Katori Class IJN Cruisers, Naval Works Akitsushima, DML 1/350 Ticonderoga to Valley Forge Conversion, P & O Ballarat build