Plastic Ship Modeler quarterly #22
Last Month we looked at a new Ship Modeling magazine, this month we take a look at one that's been around for a few years. Plastic Ship Modeler is a published four times a year, with content geared toward the Ship Modeler wanting to go beyond the out of the box approach to Modeling. New modeler's will be amazed by the Kits and resources available out there to the Ship modeler. One of my favorite things about Plastic Ship Modeler is the fantastic cover art that Editor Daniel Jones creates. Click the thumbnail image to the right to see an enlarged version. Plastic Ship Modeler Cover (click to enlarge)
Plastic Ship Modeler covers all the new releases and includes buildup articles and Ship plans. Features include Mail call where you can get some of those tough questions answered. Articles such as the buildup of the Corsair Armada ARD Floating Drydock with the Jim Shirley FRAM Gearing by Ray D. Bean. Most issues also include plans for building and detailing some of our favorite Ships. Sample photo from article  (click to enlarge)
A fairly regular feature in Plastic Ship Modeler is coverage of the Diorama's of Chris Drage. Chris has a way of putting his ships in motion, capturing them in dramatic poses. Look for other great photo's of other modeler's work in the contest coverage included in most issues. Besides the modeling articles, you can keep up with current events in the Naval world with the NAVINFOTEL column. Chris Drage sample article  (click to enlarge)
From cover to cover you will find nothing but Ship related content. Even in this digital age with so many resources available on the net, there is no replacement for the old fashioned printed media that you can take with you. I do wish that PSM would consider publishing in color, and of course more often. All things considered, It is a must have magazine that no ship modeler should be without. Pick up a copy at your local Hobby Shop or visit the  Plastic Ship Modeler Webpage for subscription details. back cover  (click to enlarge)

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