Plastic Ship Modeler quarterly #28
Plastic Ship Modeler Cover (click to enlarge)

The latest issue of PSM is out! I received mine with mixed feeling. On one hand I am glad that it has finally arrived, on the other Dan Jones has just been announced that this will be the last issue. Long before websites like, most modelers relied on Plastic Ship Modeler to get their information about all the latest product development. The specialized resin, and photo etch manufactures also relied on Dan Jones and his contributors to gauge what modelers were looking for. Even with the advent of the internet and seemingly instant availability on information there is still no substitute for the printed media and PSM will be greatly missed.

Along with the usual features and product reviews this issue also has:

Transitional Cruisers Boston to Topeka Part II by Ray Bean chronicles the transition from the gun cruisers of the second world war to the missile conversions with lots of detail photo's. A look at the old Revell and Renwall kits is included. 

Delphis 1/700 Carrier Aquila by Paul O'Reilly show this stunning buildup with photo's by Ray Bean and a great set of plans drawn by Dan Jones.

Skytrex 1/700 Meridian Series HMS Belfast (1943) HMS Edinburgh (1940) by Chris Drage reviews these all metal kits.

Sample photo from article  (click to enlarge)
Chris Drage sample article  (click to enlarge)
One in One Hundred by Paul Jacobs, painting for effect deals camo patterns for these metal miniatures.

Photo Feature - Russian Frigate Neutrashimyy with photo's by Flak Pletscher shows this newer Russian frigate with whole bunch of nice detail shots.

IPMS Nationals - Photo Essay by Ray Bean covers the highlights of the 2002 IPMS nationals.

back cover  (click to enlarge)
Model Details Standard Life saving equipment US Merchant and Navy Support Ships 1942 shows lifeboat and davit details that will be a great aid to the superdetailer.

Netherlands Royal Mail Christiann Hugyens by Dan Jones covers these older Motor ships with photos and plans drawn by Dan Jones.

The Old Navy - USS Chicago by Dan Jones is our cover story with historical background and photo's along with more plans drawn by Dan Jones.

So even though this is the last issue of this magazine to be printed, there are still copies of this issue and many of the back issues available for a limited time. Pick up a copy at your local Hobby Shop or visit the Plastic Ship Modeler Web page to stock your library while there is still time. But don't worry the magazine may be shutting down but Dan Jones will remain active is our hobby.