Plastic Ship Modeler quarterly #26
Plastic Ship Modeler Cover (click to enlarge)The latest issue of PSM is out! Here is a preview of what's in this issue. Plastic Ship Modeler had a new printer forced upon it due to the unexpected closing of their previous one. But no need to worry this issue looks great. The last issue was the first to feature a full color cover, and this one is no exception. 

On the cover is the USCGC Hamilton the subject of JAG's recent 1/700 kit also reviewed in this issue. A harbor scene in Hong Kong is also featured on the cover. My first impression was wow, what a nice cover. But then I realized what was missing, the trademark artwork by Editor/Publisher Daniel Jones that has graced the cover for as far back as I can remember. I hope that we will see more of that artwork in the future.

There are nine pages of kit and product reviews with some of the hottest new kits on the market in Plastic, Resin, Photo etch, and Decals and Paints all examined.

Keepers of the Sea series "On China Station" - a new diorama by Ray Bean features a JAG Gearing class (FRAM) built as the USS Theodore Chandler, on station in Hong Kong, surrounded by junks, a tug, and a freighter. Ray even provides details on how to scratchbuilt your own Junk with drawings, background, and photo's (including one in color on the back cover).

HMS Kittiwake Part II by John Lambert - concludes with a number of detail and overall photo's of the subject and a sister ship There are also some newly redrawn plans that are nicely detailed as the centerfold. Also two profile drawings that show wartime modifications made to the class.

Building Tamiya's 1/350 Scale Fletcher (Pt II)  Paul O'Reilly concludes his buildup of the Tamiya Fletcher.  Funnels, rigging, railing, and camo are all covered in the article with photos by Ray Bean.

Sample photo from article  (click to enlarge)
Chris Drage sample article  (click to enlarge)
Flottentorpedoboote of the Kriegsmarine by Falk Pletscher - is a history and building guide for the recent T-class destroyer kits by WSW in 1/700 scale. There are camouflage drawings for the three patterns employed by these ships as well as some history and photo's of the finished kits. Also featured on the back cover in color below on the right.

Merchant ship - Pacific Mail  motorship City Of Panama by Dan Jones tells the story of this interesting little passenger ship. There is also some nicely drawn 1/700 plans and a photo included.

Photo Feature by Ray Bean. The Cold War Navy - features a photo of the cruiser St. Paul, and three great detail shots of the Midway Class carrier Coral Sea.

back cover  (click to enlarge)
The Old Navy (pt II) Daniel Jones  gives us a look at the Spanish American War era cruisers Atlanta and Boston. Design notes, history and photos help tell the story of these early steel warships.

Chinese Junks - a brief overview (with drawings) - a supplement to Ray's "On China Station" diorama article. Another departure from tradition as this is the first time PSM has had an article on a sailing vessel -
although modern Chinese junks usually have an auxiliary power plant.

Alexandria - June 1941 Hard Times in the Mediterranean by Chris Drage.  Not just another diorama, but a history lesson featuring the fantastic work of Chris Drage. This one depicts the  cruiser Ajax and destroyer Kinberley at anchor, with the cruiser Naiad arriving at the anchorage.

Regular column such as NAVINFOTEL, Mail Call, and more book reviews will give you plenty to read. Plastic Ship Modeler Quarterly has a single copy price of $7.75 or a yearly subscription rate of $25.00 US. It is great resource for ship modelers and an entertaining read. Pick up a copy at your local Hobby Shop or visit the Plastic Ship Modeler Web page for subscription details.