Naval Works 1/700 Flower Class Corvette

Here's a look back at one of the classic kits from yesterday. Naval Works did a large number of ships before splitting into other companies. This is one of their early works.
The kit is a waterline version and has no lower hull. Most of the superstructure is molded on. The hull is fairly well cast and the detailing is pretty good for such an old kit
The superstructure parts and not bad though the thickness of the wafers they are cast on will present a challenge to the modeler trying to remove them. There is quite a bit of flash that will have to be cleaned up.
The instructions are not all that bad, but could use a little more detail.

There is no photo etch included in this kit.

This kit is Out Of Production and is included here because I want to share it with you. There are now many Manufactures making Flower Class corvettes in 700 scale so I wouldn't worry too much about bidding wars on E-bay, unless you are a collector of OOP kits.