1/1250 Generic Ratlines
(Small and LArge)
Photo etch set by Navalis
Reviewed by Timothy Dike
overall shot of photo etch sheet
#1250-1 1/1250 Generic Ratlines small #1250-2 1/1250 Generic Ratlines large
Ratlines were a common site on sailing ships, and even some transitional era steam ships. They allowed the crew to climb the masts and work the sails much more efficiently. This is a noticeable feature on those ships and a noticeable omission on many 1/1200-1/1250 sailing ships. Navalis, a newcomer to the photo etch word has just what you need to overcome this. Two sets of generic ratlines are now available in the small and large types. The small set include symmetrical and right angle type lines in sizes including 20', 30' 40' and 50'. For those "tall ship" use the Large set with it's 75', 100', 125' and 150' ratlines. Both sets can be cut into custom lengths by following the simple instructions shown on the right. Adding these ratlines to your sailing ships should make them stand out from the rest, and give them a more realistic appearance.

Both sets are etched from thin stainless steel and are very finely detailed. At $9.00 for the small set and $12.00 for the large these sets could equip your whole fleet making them a real bargain.

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