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Dragon Models 1/700 Sink the Bismarck w/Bonus Swordfish  aircraft (Plastic kit) Preview
Dragon Models USS Benson 1940 Prewar Destroyer  (Plastic kit) NEW
Cyber-Hobby 1/700 USS Coronado LCS-4 w/mine sled and drone (Plastic kit) NEW
Trumpeter 1/700 AOE Fast Combat Support Ship USS Sacramento AOE-1  (Plastic kit) NEW
Photo Etch Reviews
Alliance Model Works 1/700 US and IJN Photoetch Sets NEW
  • NW35020 WW2 US Vessels Electric Wiring, Cable Routers and Onboard Equipments
  • NW35027 WW2 Warship guard rails
LionRoar 1/350 USS Missouri BB-63 Super Detail Set (For Tamiya) NEW
Miscellaneous Accessories
Hasegawa Adhesive Detail & Marking Sheet White 
Hasegawa 1/350 Wooden Deck for Escort Carrier USS Gambier Bay NEW
Master Model 1/350 Scharnhorst Armament Set -version without blastbags (35 pcs) NEW
Master Model 1/350 Scharnhorst Armament Set -version with blastbags (35 pcs) NEW
Book and Reference Reviews
Shipcraft Special "Grand Fleet Battlecruisers" by Steve Backer NEW
US Fast Battleships 1936-47 North Carolina and South Dakata Class by Lawrence Burr NEW
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