Shipcraft Special
Grand Fleet Battlecruiser
by Steve Backer

reviewed by Timothy Dike

The latest Shipcraft book is out and this one will make a lot of folks happy. It is a Special Edition that covers the Royal Navy Battlecruisers of the First World War period. Written by Steve Backer it features the usual mix of design info, history, kit and accessory reviews, modelers gallery, and painting guides. The Historical info is very thorough and informative and will give you a good reference for these ships. 

The photos are sharp and clear and the line drawings are sharply drawn. There are even some paintings and vintage plans  included. This is a larger book hard bound  than the other books in the series with about twice the page count at 128 pages, 64 of those in color. 

The models featured in the gallery are built by some of the best. There is even a large 1/48 scale builders model of the Indomitable. The reviews are a little condensed from those found online, but they give you a good idea of the various scale models that are available. 

This is perhaps the best Shipcraft book now on the market. It is the idea book for modelers and historians alike and a great guide to the Grandest Fleet Battlecruisers. 

This is Shipcraft Special Grand Fleet Battlecruisers by Steve Backer with a retail price of  $ 42.00 US or £25.00. You can get it now  along with the entire Shipcraft series in the US direct from Classic Warships now.