Cyber-Hobby 1/700 USS Coronado LCS-4
Reviewed by Timothy Dike

Hot on the heels of the launching of the USS Independence, her sistership the USS Coronado is nearing completion. This second ship is also built by General Dynamics and should have identical capabilities as the USS Independence. 

Instead of just reboxing the Cyber-Hobby USS Independence, this new kit will include a newly tooled MH-53E Sea Dragon, and a MK-105 mine sled. A MQ-8 Fire Scout Rotary UAV give this ship a unique load out. 

The upper hull is almost completely molded with very few seams. It is molded so that the hanger deck and aft deck can be molded open. The hull opening in the stern have inserts that fit from the inside to help keep the exterior free of radar reflecting seams!  Click images
to enlarge
The kit comes with two lower hulls. One for full hull display and the other flattened at the waterline. Molding is sharp and the fit with the upper hull part looks very nice. Also included but very easy to over look is a small square deck plate featuring the VLS hatches. This is designed to fit on the bow. 
This sprue has the weapons fitting, radar and the rest of the superstructure parts. The top level is slide molded so that there are a minimum of seams to fill. Small fittings are nicely molded and very fine in detail especially for 1/700 scale. One thing to make note of if you are building a waterline version; make sure you snip the stern tips off flush with the waterline. The hanger doors can be molded open or closed. 
Two MQ-8 Fire Scout rotary-winged unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) are included on this sprue. This is a scaled down version of  the one found on the larger 350 Cyber-Hobby kit. Detailing is nice and the finer parts like the rotor and landing skids are provided on the photo etch fret below. 
This is the newly tooled MH-53E Sea Dragon helicopter featuring some really nice detailing. The fuselage has recessed panel lines and is smartly molded to maximize the detail. Nice plastic rotor blades are included, but you also have the choice of using photo etch blades for an even finer look.
This sprue is contains the plastic parts of the MK-105 Mod 4 Magnetic Minesweeping System, AKA the “sled”. The sled is completed with the photo etch parts shown further below. Detailing is very fine for this small scale also a scaled down version of the 350 Cyber-Hobby kit.
The base for this kit has been designed based on how most modelers like to display their ships in full hull mode. The stands which resemble lamp finales are even slide molded so they have no seams to fill and sand. Hole locations are provided so all you have to do is open them up with a knife or drill. 
A simple photo etch fret is included with safety netting for around the flight deck.
A second photo etch fret is included with relief etched helo blades and the details for the mine sled.
The decals are sharply registered and include marking for the flight deck, a warning circle for the gun, and hull numbers. All kinds of other markings are included on this sheet.
The instructions are six pages with lots of sub-assmbly views that are easy to follow. The last page features a painting guide showing decal placement. 

Cyber-Hobby has given modelers another exciting release. Not just a reboxed Independence, this one has some newly tooled accessories. Many modeler will want the Coronado just for the MH-53, Sled, and UAV. This one hits the stores even before the real one enters service. You can get yours now. Look for them on the shelves of your favorite hobby shop or get it direct from Dragon USA or CyberHobby

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