Dragon Special Edition kit preview
Dragon 1/350 Scharnhorst
70 years ago in April 1941 the German Battleship Bismarck set off on a secret mission to break into the Atlantic and engage British shipping. The threat of having this massive German raider running loose sent alarm bells ringing all throughout the Royal Navy. Later in May when the ship set out with Heavy Cruiser Prinz Eugen left their base in Norway for the North Atlantic and British ships were immediately sent to intercept. First to encounter them were the HMS Suffolk and Norfolk and later the HMS Hood and Prince of Wales. The result of that encounter was the loss of the Hood with most of her crew and a badly damage Prince of Wales forced to return to base. The Bismarck was had it's fuel tank pierced and was loosing fuel. The decision was made to head for France to make repairs and Bismarck first turned back on the shadowing cruisers forcing them to turn away while the Prinz Eugen steam on out of radar range. Bismarck then turned back and worked toward the French coast and friendly air cover. Swordfish from Victorious attacked and caused some minor damage, but causing the prior flood damage to get worse.  Bismarck was able to break away and remained at large until a British PBY spotted the trailing oil slick and reported the position. 

Ships from all over plotted new courses to intercept and pretty soon were bearing down on Bismarck. The carrier Ark Royal with her Fairey Swordfish launched an attack but mistakenly targeted the Sheffield instead. No damage was done, but the attack revealed that the torpedoes had defective magnetic detonators. A second attack was launched late in the evening and caught Bismarck in the fading light. A single hit by one of the Swordfish torpedo bombers jammed the rudder and caused Bismarck to only be able to maneuver in circles. One torpedo has sealed the fate of the Bismarck and soon the other British ships closed and finished the once mighty ship off. 

Dragon is reissuing their 1/700 Bismarck to coincide with the 70 year anniversary of the Bismarck sinking. Instead of just reboxing like many manufactures do, they have upgraded this kit with many new features.

Like the previously release Premium Edition Bismarck kit, this one features some photo etch radar's and railings. 
A special bonus is the newly tooled Fairey Swordfish torpedo bombers included in the kit. These can be built in an almost all plastic version or one with wings provided by relief etched brass. A separate torpedo is included to mount below the fuselage. 
New DS plastic blast bags are now included for the main and secondary guns. The light anti aircraft are also newly tooled and are based on the weapons designed for the 350 Scharnhorst.
Another new feature are the new ships boats and launches also scaled down from the Scharnhorst. 

Pricing has not yet been confirmed. Details will be available here or at Dragon-Models.com soon.

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