Alliance Model Works 1/700
US and IJN Photoetch Sets

Reviewed by Petr Osipov

A few weeks ago I found out that a new player appeared on a Photoetch market, which was not known to me before. Name - Alliance Modelworks. No reviews or so were available, but the sets on their website looked very attractive, so I ordered. They provide a large number of sets in both 1/700 scale (buildings, trains, cranes and other diorama accessories) and 1/350 scale (parts for USN, IJN, Russian and Kriegsmarine).

Today, 2 of their sets arrived, packed very well. A robust cardboard envelope containing both prevents damage very well. Individual sets were packed in a small transparent pocket with a cardboard piece inside, separating the frets and instructions. A very nice touch is that each fret is sealed with transparent foil on both sides, thus preventing the frets to damage each other. Both sets are very nicely etched in relief.

The first set is a set NW35020 WW2 US Vessels Electric Wiring, Cable Routers and Onboard Equipments. It contains three frets;

  1. Fret A contains 2 styles of bulkhead degaussing wiring and 18 small reels.
  2. Fret B contains a large number of bulleyes in different styles, many water hydrants, and some curved wiring sections.
  3. Fret C contains the foldup racks, big reels,and fire extingushers.

All in all, this set is highly recommended to detail up the bulkheads of your USN ship.

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Another set is NW35027 WW2 Warship guard rails. It contains 2 frets of guard rails, as seen on most warships of the period of any country. Fret A contains straight handrail sections and some curved ones, while Fret B contains even more curved ones, suitable for funnels, rounded bridges, etc. This set is also highly recommended.

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