Adhesive Detail & Marking Sheet White

Reviewed by Sean Hert

Hasegawa's Adhesive Detail & Marking Film sheets make trimming plastic models a snap! Specifically designed for modeling use, each sheet has an adhesive back and comes individually packaged. Available in four colors and one hologram clear, sheets measure 3.54 x 7.87 (90mm x 200mm). Modelers simply cut the markings they need, peel the backing off and apply to the plastic model surface.

(Text taken from press release)


This sheet of white trim flim comes in at .0023" when removed from the protective backing. It cuts easily with a clean line, with good adhesion. It was also easy to remove, but did not re-apply very well.

The material has good stretch to it, taking curves up to 90 degrees with ease.

The white was decently color-fast, although when applied over bright red plastic, a slight orange hue appears in photos.


This trim film could come in handy for a variety of uses; custom flight deck markings and funnel bands for IJN vessels are two quick uses that come to mind. If Hasegawa released this material in a black- well, painting boot tops could become a thing of the past!

The Hasegawa Adhesive Detail & Marking Sheets are available now, in 5 different colors/styles;
HSGR7811 Adhesive Detail & Marking Sheet White Retail:$17.99
HSGR7812 Adhesive Detail & Marking Sheet Red Retail:$17.99
HSGR7813 Adhesive Detail & Marking Sheet Orange/Yellow Retail:$17.99
HSGR7814 Adhesive Detail & Marking Sheet Hologram Retail:$24.99
HSGR7815 Adhesive Detail & Marking Sheet Hologram Clear Retail:$24.99

Thanks to Great Planes Model Distributors for the review sample. Great Planes is the exclusive US importer for Hasegawa.