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L'Arsenal 1/400 MSC-60 French Minesweeper (Resin kit) NEW
Combrig 1/700 USS Vesuvius 1890 dynamite gun cruiser (Resin kit) NEW
Battlefleet Models 1/350 YG-17 Yard Garbage Lighter (Resin kit) NEW
Battlefleet Models 1/350 Yard Barges (Resin kit) NEW
Trumpeter 1/700 USS Abraham Lincoln CVN-72 (Plastic kit) NEW
Dragon 1/700 USS Pinkney DDG-91 Arleigh Burke Class Flight IIA destroyer (Plastic kit) NEW
Photo Etch Reviews
Gold Medal Models 1/400 Queen Mary  etch sets NEW
White Ensign Models 1/350 Buckley / Captain Class Destroyer Escort set NEW
Lion Roar 1/350 HMS Hood Detail set NEW
Miscellaneous Accessories
Paper Lab Publishing 1/700 5" 38 Cal Twin Mount (Metal accessory) NEW
Paper Lab Publishing 1/700 20 mm Single Gun Mount (Metal accessory) NEW
Starfighter Decals 1/350 VMAQ-2 "Play Boys" EA-6B CVW-8 USS Nimitz 1981 Decals NEW
Book and Reference Reviews
Warship Pictorial #24 Arleigh Burke Class Destroyers NEW
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