Reviewed by Timothy Dike
Some of the most overlooked dockyard details are the various unpowered barges that can be spotted all around a typical harbor. Tied up along the ships or parked next to the docks these barges these barges were all over the place. They are typical of those in use from before the second world war time period and many are still around today. These are also similar to those that can be found all along waterways such as the Mississippi today.
This kit includes two 110' barges with various lengths of reinforced walls to hold the cargo in. They barges themselves are wood decked and very well cast. They feature very fine bit and chock details, and yes those chocks are open all the way through. Click images
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The only other parts in this kit are the wall that can be placed around the barge. The walls feature reinforcing braces along the outside edges. Refer to the instructions or prototype photos for placement. 
The instructions are two pages with some prototype views of a couple barges and some typical wall arrangements. 
Another unique 350 scale subject captured in resin by Battlefleet Models. These barges should open up a lot of diorama possibilities. The barge is of a generic design that spans many years, so will fit in with virtually any time period that features steel hulled ships.

This kit is ##35002 YC-728 & YC-829 retailing for $20.00 for a set of two  and is available from Pacific Front Hobbies