Reviewed by Timothy Dike
A new line of accessories for 1/700 scale modelers is now available from Paper Lab. Designed using Computer Aided Design (CAD), these parts existed virtually on computer, fine tuned and refined until being used to create masters for the white metal miniature parts. The result is that the parts are almost perfect copies of the original. The main image above is a rendered image of the 3D model. Note that some of the shapes are slightly exaggerated. The final part comes out with more subtle edges as the casting process has a way of rounding off some of the sharp edges
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These 20 mm guns are very fine and nicely cast. They feature some nice surface detail, but they are almost invisible to the naked eye. So refer to the photos below for a better view. The casting feeder sprue is on the base so there will be no cleanup in critical locations. If you drill the mounting holes deeper, you wont have to do any cleanup at all. 
One set should do a typical Destroyer. These cast metal guns are better than any plastic ones, but not as fine as some of the photo etch versions. They are an excellent alternative for those who don't want to have to assemble the other alternatives. Just drill a mounting hole or cut them flush at the base and glue them in place. 

Much better than the old Skywave weapons sets and more true to scale. Paper Lab detail parts are currently available from  4 dealers: Pacific Front Hobbies, Morning Sunshine Models, White Ensign Models and L'Arsenal. Stay tuned for more from Paper Lab, this is but one of many accessories now available with much more planned.

This is set #FT70-003  US Single 20 mm mounts  - 10 per package and should carry a retail price of around $6.00. More information can be found by clicking their logo below.