Reviewed by Timothy Dike
The USS Pinckney is a flight IIa Arleigh Burke class guided missile destroyer. She was named after Navy Cook First Class William Pinckney who received the Navy Cross for his courageous rescue of a fellow crew member onboard the USS Enterprise (CV 6) during the Battle of Santa Cruz. Launched in 2002, the Pinckney is one of the newest ships in the fleet, and certainly one of the most powerful. Built to the newer flight IIa standard, she features a helicopter deck and hanger to support 2 SH-60B helicopters. 
This sprue contains most of the common parts for the whole class. The bow insert, and many superstructure walls are molded with nice surface detailing.
This is the standard US Navy weapons sprue with part found on typical warships. It has a variety of weapons, fittings, and even the SH-60 helo. Most of these parts are not needed, but are great to save for other projects. 
The upper and lower hull are included on this sprue. The molding is very nice and detail is good. The hanger deck has one feature that I do not like; raised landing stripes. These should be sanded off as they are way too thick anyway. Beside excellent decals are included for these markings. A stand and lower hull details are also included.
This sprue contains the Flight IIa specific parts, such as parts for the hangar bay, the new 5" gun, and the stealthier recessed exhaust stacks used on DDG-89 and later. The gun is well done and looks very much like the photos shown in the new Arleigh Burke book also reviewed here. One other problem is that the helo bay is placed too far forward  and needs to be extended aft.
A photo etch fret is included with railings, safety netting, various platforms, helo rotors, and other parts. This is a nice bonus for this kit.
Hull numbers, warning circles, battle E, and many other markings are provided. These decals are sharply rendered and you wont need to replace these with other aftermarket ones.
A 8 page instruction booklet is included to guide you through a step by step assembly process. A painting guide is included with decal locations noted.
This kit is another welcome addition to the Modern Sea Power lineup. It is very well detailed with very inexpensive. This makes it a great value for the ship modeler, especially when you consider the newly tooled parts and the photoetch.