reviewed by Timothy Dike
Are you wanting to do an early 80's Nimitiz? Then you will need the appropriate markings, and Starfighter has this cool little set for the EA-6B's from CVW-8 known as the Playboys. They come complete with the bunny logo for the tail. 

You get not only the typical stars and bars, but also anti glare panels. The latter will save you some headaches as you wont have to paint those on. Intake warning markers, and red triangles that are located around the canopy. 

The markings are well registered and crisp. They are printed on an Alps printer and you will need to trim the decals to size before applying.

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A great little decal set, well drawn and with a variety of markings that will make your ship stand out in a crowd. This is set #350-117 VMAQ-2 "Play Boys"       EA-6B CVW-8 USS Nimitz 1981 with a list price of $6, a pretty good price for this unique decal set. You can get this decal set from Starfighter Decals. Check their webpage for more details.