Reviewed by Timothy Dike
The new Trumpeter Buckley class destroyer escort is out and while a nice kit, it needs a little upgrading. White Ensign Models has a set that not only upgrades the kit, but will also allow you to convert your ship into a Captain class firgate. The latter being the British  version of the Buckley class  but using weapons appropriate to the Royal Navy. Whichever way you choose to build your ship, all the details are right here.
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The fret contains a variety of relief etched details from the railings to the doors and hatches. The railings include upswept railings for the bow, with and without safety netting. Open doors with frames are nicely done with the inner fame detailing well done. Floater net baskets, and depth charge racks are among the accessories included. Among my favorite detail items are the Mk-51 details, and the often overlooked sky lookout chairs. The latter being etched in a single piece in an well designed assembly. 
Close ups of the fret details
Complete 20 mm gun mounts, and 1.1" guns are much more accurate than their plastic counterparts. There are also details for the kits 3" gun mount. If you are going the RN route, then you will appreciate the 3" gun shield with optional rocket rails, and British 3 pounder. RN style mast details will help complete the makeover. You get both RN and USN boat davits, the former being better designed in a folding style with relief etching. Hedge hog rockets have a more scale appearance. SA radar and yardarm details are among the other cool details included.
The instructions are 6 pages of very detailed drawings showing the various subassemblies, and how the parts work with their plastic counterparts. The Captain class conversion parts are shown on page 5 if you chose to model your ships in a Royal Navy fit.
Another fine set from White Ensign Models. I like the fact that they are giving you more options for this kit. If you are wanting to do a Captain class conversion, then you need look no further than this set. Priced at $31.41 it's a bit pricey, but it will turn your kit into a real show stopper.