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Loose Canon Productions 1/700 USS Vulcan AR-5 Repair ship (Resin kit) NEW
Corsair Armada USS Hoga 1/700 scale harbor tug (Resin kit) NEW
Tamiya 1/350 USS Tirpitz German Navy WW II Battleship (Resin kit)
Revell Monogram 1/426 USS Arizona plastic kit
Photo Etch Reviews
Corsair Armada 1/700 scale 20 mm gun set NEW
White Ensign Models 1/600 scale  "Ultimate" Modern Royal Navy photo etch set #1
Miscellaneous Accessories
Dunagain Decals 1/700 Fletcher Class destroyer walkway markings for the Tamiya and Skywave kits.

Book Reviews
Previews of upcoming Classic Warships Warships Pictorial books
Warship Perspectives US Fletcher Sumner and Gearing Class Destroyers 
Newer July 2001 Reviews Older