Dunagain Decals
1/700 Fletcher Class walkway
marking decal set
The more one finds out about the prototypes we model, the more detail we wish to add to them. One way to do that is with Dunagain Decals line of walkway markings for the Fletcher class Destroyer. These markings represent the anti skid markings applied to the decks of US Navy ships to help sailors maintain their footing on an otherwise slippery steel surface. These set are custom made to fit the two most popular Fletcher class Destroyers kits available. The decals are very well printed, and the tread detail looks very good. They are printed on a single sheet and will require each decal to be trimmed to size before removing from the sheet.
Click images to enlarge Tamiya version Skywave version
The Tamiya Fletcher set included all the markings to build the USS Fletcher or any other generic early round bridge version. Extra markings are included in case the ship you are modeling is a little unique.
The Skywave set is made to fit the USS Callaghan, a square bridge destroyer typical of late war designs. Click thumbnail images to enlarge
The instructions are pretty thorough and show the deck walkway patterns you should follow as well as general instructions on the proper use of the decal set. 
Each set illustrates each deck level and shows some of the optional placement that you may use.

It is good to see a decal maker provide us with such options for extra detail. It is amazing how much a these decals can enhance the appearance of a model. Though this set is designed for the Fletchers it would be very easy to adapt to most any other destroyer type. I recommend that you try a set.

These decals are currently available from Pacific Front Hobbies, Naval Base Hobbies, Colpar Hobbies, and White Ensign Models. They are also available from Toms Modelworks on a special order basis.

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